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Fábio Gonçalves

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Fábio Gonçalves Vicente da Silva lives and works in São Paulo, where he works in the areas of motion graphics and video editing. In the last 2 years he worked for the advertising agency LVL, serving the company Cacau Show full time. He has experience as a freelancer for several production companies such as Bossa Nova, Spray, Conspiração, O2, Heco Produções and Bendita Filmes. In post-production, he signed, together with Gustavo Vasconcelos, the editing and sound design of the feature film Sem Pena (2014) and sound effects editing of Além do Homem (2018) by Willy Biondani. Fábio has a degree in audiovisual from the University of São Paulo (2014), and also from the London Academy of Music Production, where he took the "Sound Engineering Crash Course" (2012).

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