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Rodrigo Paciência

Rodrigo Paciência began his professional career as a Studio Assistant at an Audio Production Company in the 90s for the famous Music Producer Dudu Marote.
As he was already a musician at the time, his desire to learn how to operate and work with audio equipment soon came to fruition.
After a period as a studio assistant, he began working as a technician and finisher at the production company on various projects such as (Coca cola, C&A, Bombril, Nestlé, among others).
In the 2000s, the market was changing very quickly and as large studios and producers were losing some space to smaller ones, Rodrigo decided to invest in another area.
Around 2007, he was called to work as an External Audio Operator at the now extinct MTV Brasil and there he improved in this new professional role and carried out many great works at the broadcaster such as (Hermes & Renato, Gordo Visita, Comédia MTV, among others daily schedule programs.
In 2013, when the station closed, Rodrigo invested in equipment for Som Direto and began his professional life as a Freelancer until that moment.
He has already carried out many works so far, such as (Documentaries, Short and Long-length Films, Advertising, YouTube, Events, Lives, improving and following the evolution of equipment and language in the current market.
Currently, it has also set up an audio station to carry out work such as (Cleaning, Treatment, Mixing and Audio Finalization), thus meeting the demand for Podcasts and Film Mixing.

Man with sound equipment
Audio technician performing live broadcast
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