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Institutional Video: Comprehensive Guide, Creation Tips, and 5 Inspiring Examples

Updated: Feb 21

Unveil the power of the institutional video and establish deep connections with your audience. Learn how to create, produce, and promote engaging videos that strengthen your brand and have a positive impact.

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According to the Neipatel blog, an institutional video, "unlike promotional content, aims to represent the institution's mission, vision, and values, building a solid reputation based on organizational culture."

In other words, it serves as the audiovisual business card for your company. It is an opportunity to narrate your brand's story, forge stronger connections with the audience, and convey your mission, vision, and values in an engaging manner. Additionally, it can be utilized to promote products and services, unveil behind-the-scenes aspects of the company, and even transform your employees into authentic spokespeople. With numerous content possibilities, the institutional video has the power to captivate, influence, and humanize the brand, becoming a crucial element in any business's marketing arsenal.

What is an Institutional Video?

Imagine a short film that encapsulates the essence of your company. An institutional video is an audiovisual communication piece designed to promote the brand, enhance its visibility, and highlight its fundamental characteristics. Unlike promotional content, the central objective of the institutional video is to convey the organization's mission, vision, and values, solidifying its reputation through corporate culture. Wrapped in its unique visual identity, the institutional video stands out on the company's website, reaching both internal and external audiences.

Why Create an Institutional Video?

There are numerous reasons to invest in creating an institutional video:

1- Reinforce Brand Identity

The institutional video is the perfect stage to showcase your brand's potential and establish a powerful connection with the audience. It allows storytelling, conveys deep values, and creates a unique language that resonates with people, solidifying its image in the market.

2- Evoke Emotions and Engage

The audiovisual format has the ability to evoke emotions and engage the audience uniquely. By creating an immersive experience, you can build a narrative that resonates with the aspirations and desires of your audience, fostering deeper connections.

3- Modernize the Brand

Investing in videos is a distinctive trait of modern brands, enabling them to stand out and strengthen their presence in the minds of consumers. Videos make the brand more vibrant and memorable than simple texts, images, or isolated sounds.

4- Humanize the Company

The institutional video provides an opportunity to humanize your company, showing the faces behind the logos and creating an authentic personality. This allows the audience to connect more personally and closely with the brand.

5- Convey Trust

Trust is crucial for building solid relationships. The institutional video uniquely conveys credibility, transmitting a transparent message aligned with the company's values and principles.

6- Influence Opinions

The institutional video is a powerful tool to influence opinions and generate buzz. An impactful message is more likely to be shared, inspiring a broader audience and contributing to building a positive perception of the organization.

Tips for Creating a Successful Institutional Video

Producing an institutional video that truly makes an impact requires a strategic and creative approach. Check out these valuable tips to ensure exceptional results:

Plan and Set Objectives

First and foremost, clearly define the objectives of your institutional video. Align them with your company's marketing strategy to ensure consistency and relevance.

Define the Target Audience

Identify different audience groups that will be impacted by the video. Adapt the message and tone according to each segment to maximize effectiveness.

Develop a Script and Storyboard

Create a detailed script that maps out the sequence of scenes and dialogues in the video. A visual storyboard will help visualize how each moment fits together, ensuring a cohesive narrative.

Convey a Clear Message

Avoid information overload. Focus on a clear and impactful central message, conveying it concisely and memorably.

Use Storytelling

Explore the power of storytelling to engage and captivate the audience. Creating a compelling narrative will evoke emotions and facilitate emotional connection.

Choose a Good Soundtrack

The soundtrack is a powerful tool for creating atmosphere and influencing viewers' emotions. Carefully choose a track that reinforces the message and visual experience.

Manage Duration

Maintain a balance between information and time. Consider engagement statistics, adjusting the duration to keep the audience's interest without extending too much.

Invest in Filming and Post-Production

Visual and audio quality is crucial. Invest in professional equipment and a qualified team to ensure flawless production.

Analyze Results

Track metrics such as views, retention rate, and engagement to evaluate the video's performance. Use these insights to enhance future productions.

Include Calls to Action (CTAs)

Take advantage of the end of the video to encourage viewer actions. Include CTAs that guide them to relevant links, sharing, or subscribing to channels.

By applying these tips, you'll be on the right path to creating a impactful institutional video that strengthens your brand, captivates the audience, and achieves your communication objectives.


The institutional video is a powerful tool to convey the essence of your brand, engage the audience, and strengthen your corporate identity. By following the creation tips and drawing inspiration from the presented examples, you will be ready to produce a compelling institutional video capable of stirring emotions, engaging, and positively influencing your audience.

Remember that creativity and authenticity are essential for creating a memorable message that resonates with your target audience. So, roll up your sleeves and start planning the institutional video that will elevate your brand to new levels of recognition and success.

If you need assistance from a production company for the creation and production of a professional institutional video, feel free to contact Bendita Filmes for a discussion.

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