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Comprehensive Guide - Step-by-Step to Create an Internal End-of-Year Video

Engage and Connect with Your Employees This Year-end Through a Thoughtfully Planned Internal Video.

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At the end of each year, it's a tradition to express gratitude and celebrate achievements. For companies, this means recognizing the hard work and dedication of employees. This guide provides a detailed step-by-step approach to create an internal video exclusively tailored for your company's collaborators, fostering a sense of belonging and celebration.

1. Define the Purpose of the Video

The main focus of this video is to express gratitude to employees for their exceptional work throughout the year. Establish a message of appreciation, highlighting collective achievements, and expressing how each team member was instrumental in the company's success.

2. Understand Your Internal Audience

While employees are the audience, it's crucial to understand their expectations and feelings. Consider significant moments of the year, goals achieved, and challenges overcome by the team. This will help personalize the message for even greater impact.

3. Craft an Inspirational Script

Create a script that tells the story of the year in an engaging manner. Highlight key milestones, events, and achievements of the company. Be sure to include personal messages from leadership, individually recognizing the effort of each employee.

4. Assemble a Competent Filming Team

If your company has in-house video production resources, great! Otherwise, consider hiring professionals or a specialized company. An experienced team will ensure that the video's quality meets or exceeds expectations. We, at Bendita Filmes, specialize in internal video productions. Contact us for a quote.

5. Utilize Internal Visual Resources

When selecting images and videos, prioritize moments captured internally, such as company events, team moments, and social activities. This will enhance employees' identification with the content.

6. Encourage Participation

To make the video more interactive, include employee testimonials expressing their feelings about the year. This creates an atmosphere of closeness and highlights the importance of each person in the organization.

7. Share Internally and Create a Space for Comments

After completing the video, share it internally through appropriate channels such as intranet, internal email, or the company's communication platforms. And, if applicable, share it on the company's social media channels.

Internal Video Nestlé Argentina

Nestlé Argentina produced an internal video that was light-hearted and engaged its target audience. Remember that in this case, the focus was on the employees, aiming to encourage their participation and enjoyment with the outcome.


By following this adapted guide, you will be on the right track to create an emotional and meaningful internal video for your company's employees. Be prepared to reap the benefits of this expression of gratitude, strengthening team bonds and motivating everyone for the challenges the next year will bring. Celebrating together is a powerful way to build a solid and inspiring corporate culture.

If you need a specialized production company to produce your internal video, please contact Bendita Filmes.

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