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Different Formats of Corporate Video: Exploring Versatility in Corporate Communication

Uncover Varied Styles of Corporate Video and Transform Your Corporate Communication with Bendita Films.

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The realm of corporate videos is vast and diverse, offering a range of formats that cater to different goals and audiences. In this article, we will delve into the various styles of corporate videos, employing a practical approach and concrete examples. Emphasizing how each format can positively influence a company's communication strategy.

1. Traditional Corporate Video: Narrating the Company's History

The traditional corporate video is the most widely recognized and classic model. It unfolds the company's history, features, mission, values, and future vision in a linear fashion. This format serves as the company's business card, adding value to the brand and finding applications in meetings, presentations, and digital platforms.

Example: A video narrating the company's journey from its inception to the present day, emphasizing its core values.

2. Innovative Corporate Video: Results-Oriented

The innovative corporate video emerges with the advent of digital communication, centering around the results provided by the company. This engaging style guides the audience through a question or need before presenting the offered solution. Typically shorter than traditional videos, these videos follow a structured script revolving around problem/need, solution, company, and a call to action, often placing a stronger emphasis on conversion.

Example: A dynamic video spotlighting a specific problem, introducing the company's innovative solution, and encouraging immediate action.

3. Emotional Corporate Video: Connecting Through Emotions

Emotional corporate videos aim to stir the viewer's emotions, often utilizing storytelling, impactful visuals, and messages that evoke empathy. The focus is not on the company itself but on the message it conveys. This format is particularly effective for the third sector, public entities, and consumer-oriented companies.

Example: A voiceless emotional video conveying the company's message through a visually impactful story.

4. News-Style Corporate Video: Conveying Relevant Information

Corporate videos in a news-style format leverage familiar television formats such as documentaries and interviews to convey essential concepts and relevant information about the company. This format imparts credibility and is commonly adopted by consumer-oriented companies and public institutions.

Example: A documentary-style video featuring interviews and reporters, delivering essential information about the company and related subjects.

5. Educational Corporate Video: Delivering Knowledge in an Accessible Manner

Educational corporate videos employ didactic approaches to explain complex concepts in an accessible manner. They may incorporate tutorial elements, explanatory graphics, and engaging narratives to ensure clear comprehension of the message. This format is ideal for companies aiming to educate the audience about their products, services, or industry.

Example: An explanatory video utilizing animations and graphics to didactically present the internal workings of a specific process within the company.

6. Internal Corporate Video: Focused on Integration and Training

The internal corporate video is targeted at employees and other stakeholders within the company. It concentrates on integration and training, being longer and more detailed. This format proves effective in explaining complex concepts and providing relevant information to the team.

Example: An internal video covering specific details relevant to employees, facilitating understanding of internal concepts and procedures.

Choosing the Ideal Style for Your Strategy

Each style of corporate video presents unique characteristics, and the choice of the ideal format will depend on the specific objectives of the company. Whether it's to build credibility, focus on results, connect emotionally, or integrate employees, corporate video production offers a range of possibilities to convey messages in a impactful way.

Regardless of the chosen style, Bendita Filmes is ready to provide the ideal solution for your corporate video, ensuring exceptional quality and audiovisual results that align with your communication strategy. Explore some examples of our corporate works for inspiration and get in touch to start bringing your visual narrative to life. Watch, be inspired, and communicate memorably with corporate videos that make a difference!


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