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The Best GoPros for Recording Underwater Videos in 2024

Discover the perfect GoPro camera for your travels with our in-depth analysis of the available models.

Diving with GoPro

If you're a lover of travel and underwater adventures, you know how important it is to capture each unique moment beneath the waves. And for that, nothing beats a GoPro, renowned for its convenience, durability, and quality. With a variety of models available in the Brazilian market, there's a GoPro perfect for every type of explorer. From the versatile Hero 10, with its impressive 23-megapixel resolution and night vision, to the advanced Max 360º, capable of capturing breathtaking 360º panoramic images. Keep reading to discover more about these incredible adventure companions and their updated prices for January 2024.

GoPro Hero 12 Black


GoPro Hero 12 Black Camera

R$ 2.799,00

The GoPro Hero 12 represents the pinnacle of the brand's technology, offering superior image quality with several innovations. Equipped with HDR for photos and videos, Bluetooth connectivity, and water resistance of up to ten meters, this camera is a true companion for underwater adventures. Videos can be recorded in impressive 5K/60fps, while the battery lasts an average of one and a half hours, according to GoPro.

Pros: HDR image quality of up to 5K; Bluetooth connectivity; Water resistance; Variety of features.

Cons: Limited battery life; Heating issues during use.

GoPro Hero 11 Black


GoPro Hero 11 Black Camera

R$ 2.399,00

The GoPro Hero 11 is the classic incarnation of the previous model, ideal for both photography and filming. One of its main features is the convenience of all photos being automatically sent to the cloud, accessible through the manufacturer's app on the smartphone. With a resolution of 27 megapixels and complete water resistance, up to a depth of ten meters, this camera offers image stability and supports live streaming.

Pros: Photography and filming functionality; High image quality; Water resistance up to 10 meters; Smartphone connectivity.

Cons: Limited battery life; Heating during 4K recordings.

GoPro Hero 11 Mini Black


GoPro Hero 11 Mini Black Camera

R$ 2.942,00

The GoPro Hero 11 Mini is a compact and powerful version. With its reduced design, it simplifies the capture of videos and photos with just one button. With a resolution of 24.7 megapixels, it is perfect for videos, but it does not have photography functionality. Additionally, it offers impressive features such as slow-motion recording and live streaming.

Pros: Video capture quality; Slow-motion recording; Live streaming.

Cons: Only for videos; Tends to heat up during prolonged use.

GoPro Hero 10 Black


GoPro Hero 10 Black Camera

R$ 1.880,00

The GoPro Hero 10 is the most affordable option in this selection, but don't underestimate its performance! Compact and waterproof, this camera allows you to capture high-quality underwater images with its 23 megapixels. Its touchscreen and night vision make recording videos in dark environments a breeze. And with a built-in stabilizer, you can say goodbye to shaky videos!

Pros: Exceptional image quality; Night vision for low-light moments; Built-in image stabilization for smooth videos; Fully waterproof for underwater adventures.

Cons: Limited battery life; Heating during prolonged use.


With a GoPro, your travels will never be the same again. From the Hero 10 to the Hero 12, each model offers a unique combination of quality, features, and durability, ensuring that you capture every underwater moment with precision and style. Choose yours and embark on your next adventures with confidence!

Note: Camera prices may vary depending on the period or exchange rate.

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